What’s So Bad About Monetizing Traveler Data?

Your hotel collects a lot of information about travelers who stay with you and belong to your membership program. Monetization of data is often looked at with a scornful eye, but the fact of the matter is that your customers actually prefer it more than they let on. In fact, the data shows for it!

While you would never want to share your precious customer data with third parties (unless they approve the sale of their information, of course), you can certainly still use it yourself. Very often, what benefits travelers is going to be using their own data to market to them anyway. Consider a few examples below:

  • Traveler A always travels alone. During every stay, she makes reservations in the hotel’s rooftop lounge and regularly books spa treatments while at your luxury hotel. Why not monetize her data by sending package offers directly to her email that include meals and spa treatments? You increase the chances of a booking, and the traveler gets what she wants from her trip.
  • Traveler B is always booking a room for his entire family. He tends to spend a few days longer than the average hotel guest. It seems he and his wife work remotely, so they can stay longer. Why not offer a discount for an extended stay, including fast Wi-Fi and a room with a nice desk, and offer packages with experiences for families?

Treat Your Hotel Guests to the Best

It’s a win-win when you use customer data to offer them what they want. A1 American can help by providing your hotel with the best supplies for your guestrooms, janitorial staff, fitness center, restaurant, and more! Call 833.205.2200 today to get in touch with an A1 American representative who can get your order started.

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