Tips to Help Health Spas Keep Employees Safe 1

Tips to Help Health Spas Keep Employees Safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on all of us, both physically and mentally. What most of us need right now more than anything is a spa day. However, you need to think about how to keep your employees safe as clients come back to the spa to unwind. Here are a few necessary things to consider:

  • Guidelines for patrons – Make sure your patrons know your policies regarding things like mask-wearing, physical distancing (when possible), appointment scheduling, and any other rules imposed by your facility or by the state.
  • Access to hand washing or sanitizing stations – Make sure that your staff and clients can clean their hands regularly. Either provide running water and soap at regular intervals in the spa or place hand sanitizer stations when no sink is nearby.
  • Disinfecting surfaces – Any surface that is shared needs to be cleaned between each client. You may need to have a larger number of robes and other amenities on hand so that these items have more time to go through an extensive sanitizing process before they go back into the lineup for the next set of customers.
  • Reconsider your cancellation policy – Make it easier for someone to cancel and reschedule if they are not feeling well. This will reduce the likelihood of someone showing up sick. You may also want to do temperature checks at the door. If someone has a fever, send them home and reschedule them for at least two weeks later. 

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