This Hotel Offers Free Healthcare to Hotel Guests 1

This Hotel Offers Free Healthcare to Hotel Guests

It probably doesn’t surprise you to hear that the United States has the most expensive healthcare in the world. This places an added burden on travelers. Domestic travelers worry that if they require medical care while out of state, it won’t be in-network and covered by their insurance. Foreign travelers who are aware of American healthcare costs may avoid travel. After all, an unexpected case of appendicitis can lead to a souvenir bill from the hospital to the tune of $33,000 (and that was the average price in 2009).

NH Hotels are taking it on themselves to calm traveler concerns by partnering with Quironsalud hospital group in Spain to offer healthcare for hotel guests. The service involves in-person or virtual office visits 24/7/365. While COVID is a primary concern, the service applies to any needed medical care. A helpline is offered in as many as ten languages, and transport to the nearest Quironsalud hospital along with inpatient care is part of the deal.

Could this start a trend that catches on in the US? After all, travelers may be willing to go further if they knew a hospital stay related to COVID or another disease wouldn’t saddle them with what feels like a second mortgage.

Meeting and Exceeding Traveler Expectations in 2021 and Beyond

The pandemic has changed the way we travel, and the hospitality industry has to keep up. A1 American is proud to help our clients make suitable choices for their facility needs with an extensive line of hotel supplies and essential care products to choose from. Upgraded housekeeping and other precautions are a good start while your hotel weighs other options to entice guests from out of state and across the globe.

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