These Are the Types of Vacations People Will Be Taking in 2021 1

These Are the Types of Vacations People Will Be Taking in 2021

The global pandemic has certainly changed how much people are traveling, but people are itching to get back out there. What will the average traveler look like in 2021? Here are a few types of travelers to prepare for at your hospitality business.

  • Flying solo – More and more singles are planning to get out there. Now they just intend to travel alone instead of with friends. The number of people willing to travel alone has nearly doubled, according to Hospitality Net.
  • Weekend trips – When you just haven’t traveled in a long time, you want to test the waters and see what the experience is like. Expect more short-term travelers who are testing out the hospitality industry to see if they feel comfortable before booking a longer trip. Give them a great experience, and they may just come right back for that longer getaway.  
  • Food forward travel – Can’t get to Italy in 2021? Take a vacation in the US near some top Italian restaurants! That seems to be the attitude of some travelers. Be sure to advertise the local experiences available to anyone who comes to your area, especially the top local cuisine.

Here to Help Your Hospitality Business Thrive

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