The Website Design Tips That May Boost Your Hotel Sales 1

The Website Design Tips That May Boost Your Hotel Sales

Someone surfing the web gets a feel for your site in under a second. It’s not about your brand. It’s all about your site design. Here are three ways that you can use the guest experience on your hotel website to boost your overall sales.

  • Geotarget Your Keywords – don’t say “luxury hotel”. Use “luxury hotel in [city name]”. Instead of “top spa in [state]” try “top spa in [city]” and narrow it down even further. For big cities, don’t be afraid to use neighborhoods in your keywords. You’ll help travelers find your hotel, and you’re more likely to find locals who want to book a staycation in a particular part of the city.
  • Don’t Make Them Scroll – of course, your website is going to be more than just what they see when the page loads. However, your site visitors need to have a great first impression without scrolling. In marketing jargon, it’s called “above the fold.” Make the first thing they see the most exciting element of the site or your offer.
  • Use Video – people are on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and other sites that make heavy use of video because that is the content people want to see. Don’t shy away from using videos to show everyone how great their stay will be at your hotel.

Make the Sale, Then Provide the Experience

Once you get a traveler to your hotel, it is all about delivering on the promise of a great experience. A1 American can help with our full line of hotel products. Call 833.205.2200 to get in touch with a friendly A1 American representative and start your order today.

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