The Top Hotel Trends that Are Here to Stay 1

The Top Hotel Trends that Are Here to Stay

Hotel trends tend to come and go. Sometimes an event like the current pandemic drives new trends which run their course for a short period of time or stick around to become a standard. Will these new requests from guests continue into the future? Here are some hotel trends that may have embedded themselves in the industry for good.

  • Contactless check-in – the purpose of this current trend is obvious: the fewer people we come into contact with, the less chance there is of receiving/ transmitting the virus to one another. However, this trend is likely projected to stick around for a number of reasons. While it is convenient for the traveler to check-in on their own, it also saves the hotel money because staff is no longer limited to waiting around to check guests in. Plus, it speeds things up and reduces lines in the lobby area- this ensures that things run more quickly and efficiently on the guest’s end as well.
  • Digital keys – more people than ever before are now using their smartphone as their room key. They want this option because it means they don’t have to touch a plastic card that someone else used; this creates safer and preventative options during the global crisis as this type of surface is otherwise notorious for hanging onto viruses. Additionally, this may even be a more convenient alternative to those magnetic strips on plastic cards that are prone to malfunction. The smartphone is just a better way to open room doors.
  • Deeper cleaning – guests always prefer this for any occasion. Now that they are getting used to it, don’t expect demand to go down for rooms that look and smell optimally pristine.
  • Loyalty programs – You need to hang onto guests tighter than ever before now that fewer people are traveling. Guests are very well going to continue expecting increased customer service and perks.

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