The Importance of the Right Janitorial Supplies During a Pandemic 1

The Importance of the Right Janitorial Supplies During a Pandemic

At any time, rental properties and hotels can lose business if the rooms are not spotless. So any janitorial company depends on the rental facility getting good reviews. After all, one way that the rental company or hospitality business will rate your performance is through reviews. If customers are complaining about cleanliness, guess who will get blamed?

During a pandemic, people are taking a closer look at the cleanliness of rental properties than ever before. Who would want to stay at a rental that has recent poor reviews regarding cleanliness? Travel has almost crawled to a standstill due to the pandemic. Janitorial companies face more scrutiny than ever. So you need the right supplies to keep your client’s properties clean and retain their business.

A few of the areas that you need to pay extra careful attention to include the cleaning agents and materials that you use. For example, a microfiber towel has a much higher surface area than cotton. That makes them more absorbent. They not only remove what you see but also what you can’t see. Additionally, should pay attention to your own personal safety precautions.

Get the Gear You Need to Get the Job Done

Whether you have employees or you are doing all of the cleaning work yourself, you need to be sure that everyone who will be entering a rental property has the necessary essential care equipment. PPE like disposable masks are necessary. But you may want to go even further with shoe coverings, protective gowns, and disposable gloves. 

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