The 3 Pillars to Keep Your Hotel Striving in 2022 1

The 3 Pillars to Keep Your Hotel Striving in 2022

If you want your hotel to survive the ongoing impact of the pandemic in 2022 and even continue to thrive, then you need to strive to apply these following three pillars of a successful hospitality business:

  • Use social media for brand awareness – branding is huge in the hospitality industry, especially now that you are competing with other hotels over fewer travelers. Being a household name is important, particularly because the generation doing the most travel right now (Millennials) is tuned in to digital marketing and social media experiences. 
  • Create a stunning website for direct bookings – it has to be simple for site visitors to find the room they want (with high-quality pictures), learn about local points of interest, see what the hotel amenities are like, and find the package they want.
  • Improve UX and conversion rate of your website and landing pages – it must be simple to navigate your site, find the right room and travel package, and check out. Otherwise, you may lose customers to competitors. At the very least, you may lose out on direct bookings because travelers will go find an online travel agency with a user experience they prefer. Don’t let your ad spend go to waste – user experience is everything on a website.

Continuing the User Experience at Your Hotel

While user experience is essential online, you also need to provide a great experience at your hotel. A1 American helps hoteliers do just that with our comfortable and luxurious hospitality supplies. Give us a call today at 833.205.2200 to get in touch with a friendly A1 American representative to get your order started, and don’t forget to pick up the essential care products we will continue to need for the foreseeable future.

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