Sustainability and Hospitality for Responsible Hoteliers 1

Sustainability and Hospitality for Responsible Hoteliers

Sustainability has become the biggest buzzword in the hospitality industry. Everyone wants your hotel to be net-zero carbon, and they expect sustainable solutions as well as green policies. But what does all of that even mean? The fact of the matter is that you may want your hotel to be better for the planet but have no idea how to achieve the ideals that consumers are told are a necessity for the future of the planet.

Before you get stressed out trying to figure out how to completely eliminate your hotel’s carbon footprint, consider a few basic things you can do that will start making a difference today.

  • Use cleaning products without toxic chemicals – just be sure that they are still powerful enough to disinfect surfaces thoroughly during the pandemic.
  • Produce less waste – a good place to start is at breakfast. Instead of offering a breakfast buffet, try having guests place an order so you can produce exactly the number of meals you need.
  • Use sustainable products – be careful to find out what makes it sustainable. Is food sourced locally? Does a textile manufacturer use renewable energy at their plant? Is a disposable product biodegradable? · Switch to amenity dispensers – rather than using tons of plastic bottles, install refillable dispensers in your hotel rooms.

Get the Sustainable Products Your Need for Your Hotel

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