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Six Things to Prioritize When Reopening Your School in a Pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting every aspect of our lives , we must return to normalcy starting with our schools reopening. There are a number of things you can do to protect your students and teachers, and we want to focus on six of the most important steps to take if you are going to reopen.

  1. Have enough disposable masks on hand for all teachers and students – While you should require everyone to wear a mask when at the school, there may be times that someone forgets a mask, damages or loses it during the day, or simply can’t afford to supply their own.  Masks work to prevent the spread!
  2. Handwashing and hand sanitizing stations – Washing hands with soap and water is always the best way to avoid passing a virus. However, for areas where you can’t install a sink, a hand sanitizer station is the next best thing. A mix of wall-mounted dispensers and free-standing dispensers allows you to have more stations available, especially in high traffic areas.  These stations are easily refillable with any type of gel sanitizer and can reduce harmful spread.  In addition since they are motion less there is no touch points.   
  3. Avoid large gatherings and congested hallways – This means staggering lunches, avoiding assemblies, and even staggering arrival times for students.
  4. Require social distancing in classrooms – Reduce class size and set desks further apart. You may need to mark the floor and check to ensure kids haven’t shifted desk locations.
  5. Make cleaning a priority – Microfiber cloths and disinfectants are a must. Disposable gloves should be used in conjunction with all cleaning.  Disposable disinfectant wipes and alcohol wipes for electronic devices are also a good idea.
  6. Educate staff and students – Make sure everyone understands the rules and why they are in place. This will help to ensure compliance.

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