Sanitizing Wipes for Quick Cleaning of Contact Points at Your Facility 1

Sanitizing Wipes for Quick Cleaning of Contact Points at Your Facility

Just as alcohol-based gels are used to sanitize hands between thorough cleanings, alcohol-based wipes can be used for quick cleaning between thorough disinfecting of surfaces. Areas in a business that are used frequently need to be cleaned repeatedly, not only to protect employees but also to eliminate points of contact between patrons.

For instance, a fitness center may provide a disinfectant spray and disposable towels or alcohol wipes for patrons to clean with, both before and after using a piece of equipment. A clerk may have alcohol wipes on hand to quickly wipe down counter surfaces between customers. Then, a deeper cleaning protocol can be observed throughout the day.

Individual wipes can also be provided to patrons for their own sanitizing needs. For example, a few individually wrapped alcohol wipes could be provided to guests at a hotel as part of a welcome package of essential products. This welcome kit could also include disposable masks or a personal bottle of hand sanitizer.

All of these little extra safety measures help to protect both staff and clients alike. Additionally, they show that you care about health and safety and take precautions seriously. This can lead to repeat patronage from concerned consumers.

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