Safety Is the New Luxury Experience 1

Safety Is the New Luxury Experience

Whether you are operating a hotel, a fitness center, a restaurant, or even a laundry mat, there is a new way to offer a luxury experience to your guests. Most people just want to be safe. If you can provide an experience that makes someone feel comfortable being outside of their home, that is pretty luxurious in itself. What are people looking for?

A recent poll is very telling, and while it specifically involved things that would cause a person to leave a hotel before the stay was over, these things could also cause someone to leave your restaurant, drop their membership to your gym, or start looking for another place to do laundry. Here are the dealbreakers:

  • An employee that sounds or appears ill
  • Social distancing is not being enforced, or there are simply too many people 
  • No requirement for employees to wear masks
  • Other patrons who sound or appear ill are allowed in the facility
  • Patrons not required to wear masks

In each case, more than half of responders (and up to two-thirds) said they would leave early or never return again if they ran into these circumstances. Yes, the luxury experience that consumers want you to provide for them is a safe environment. How can you deliver?

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