How can you help your patients maintain some dignity and make the cleanup easier for your janitorial staff? Here are some must-haves from A1 American if you operate a hospital.

  • Personal Clothing Protectors, Gowns, and briefs – Personal Clothing Protectors and gowns can help a patient stay clean and dry during feeding time. Adult Briefs are crucial when a patient is dealing with a chronic illness and can’t make it to the bathroom.
  • Mattress Pads and Underpads – As a child, we don’t really understand how money works. As an adult, we realize that we have caused a major expense for a hospital if we mess the bed and destroy a mattress. Remove that part of the embarrassment by using mattress pads and underpads that protect your investment. These pads are designed to provide optimal protection while not inhibiting a patient’s sleep. We know that it is difficult enough to sleep when someone is in a hospital and not feeling well.

The Supplies That Your Hospital Needs from a Trusted Distributor

A1 American has been providing supplies for US businesses for over a century. Let us help your hospital offer the best possible patient experience. Give us a call today at 833.205.2200 to get the products you need.

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