Make Your Hotel’s Mobile App More Secure with These Tips

From checking in to ordering room service to adjusting the temperature to opening the door, there are so many possible applications of a smartphone app in a modern hotel. However, using a mobile app for these and other conveniences also adds layers of security risk. Here are a few ways to ensure your mobile app is as safe as possible for travelers to use.

  • Require a strong password – it is tough to believe that people are still using simple, easy-to-guess passwords in 2022, but here we are. Require your users to have a strong password with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. You may even want to recommend 2FA.
  • Keep the backend and frontend updated – there is a reason app updates are pushed out regularly. They very often correct security issues. Be sure to encourage your users to have the app set to auto-update, so they are always using the most secure version.
  • Don’t store too much sensitive data – if you do experience a breach, less sensitive data being stored in the app reduces the exposure of your users and, therefore, of your business. Encrypting data and automatically deleting older data are two good ways to ensure you don’t have too much floating around on the app waiting for someone to steal.

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