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Long-time Hotel Trends that Are Going Away

While some new hotel trends are emerging due to the pandemic, other trends that ran their course are now being replaced. Here are some hotel trends that hung around for years but are now unlikely to reemerge following the pandemic.

  • The breakfast buffet – hotel guests are still likely to want free breakfast, but the idea of it being a buffet now no longer seems sanitary. Grab and go boxes to deliver to individual rooms are the wave of the future, so be sure to stock up on disposable but sustainable foodservice supplies.
  • Daily Housekeeping – most people do not want someone in their room every day during a pandemic. If it is clean upon arrival, only a long-term guest will want the occasional freshening up. This may even help your hotel financially because it means fewer housekeeping employees and less laundry.
  • Business travel – it is unclear of the direction that business travel will head towards after the pandemic is over. More people than ever are working remotely. However, lessened business travel may give way to increased recreational travel for people who can now spend longer time away from home, as long as they have a desk and fast Wi-Fi to work. Long-term rentals with a food prep area may thus begin to trend.

Keeping Up with Changing Hospitality Supply Needs

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