Is the Contactless Trend Developed in Response to the Pandemic Costing Jobs 1

Is the Contactless Trend Developed in Response to the Pandemic Costing Jobs? Here’s What You Should Know

We’re fooling ourselves if we don’t believe in the possibility that many jobs are subject to being replaced with machines. However, automation won’t affect every type of job and that’s the key to hiring or being the right type of person whose job will be around for years to come. Here are a few things to think about when moving forward with the trends of the times:

  • Some contactless trends don’t eliminate jobs – a contact-free hand sanitizer dispenser in the lobby isn’t taking away someone’s career. It is simply enhancing the overall guest experience- it helps keep people keep their hands clean immediately and effectively.
  • Many of the jobs being replaced involve repetitive duties – for instance, we don’t need doormen because a door can detect a person approaching and open itself. We don’t need a person for check-in and checkout because a computer can verify ID and a smartphone can act as a door key. So while some jobs are lost, they are usually positions that could be “automatic”, also making way for new job opportunities to arise.
  • Computers don’t replace customer service jobs – there are some things a robot just can’t do, like come up with a quick fix when a panicked guest discovers an issue with the room, or provide an appropriate response to a customer who leaves an angry review online. Any jobs that require strategy and precision are jobs that are safe and very necessary.

The takeaway is that the contactless trend is here to stay and it’s a good thing; while some menial tasks are facilitated, humans are also not replaceable when it comes to critical thinking, communication skills, and displaying compassion. Really, it is up to the education system to teach valuable skills to the workforce so that they qualify for the jobs that machines aren’t going to be able to take away.

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