How to Limit Unpredictable Patterns in Hotel Guests 1

How to Limit Unpredictable Patterns in Hotel Guests

It’s not an oversimplification to say that success in the hospitality industry is about providing good hospitality for your guests. If you want satisfied customers, you need to deliver on the promise of a great stay. What are some of the things that can throw off your service and lead to annoyed customers? Here are a few tips below: 

  • Don’t upsell a room that isn’t ready – upselling is crucial for hotels. But convincing a guest to take a more expensive room only for them to learn they will have to wait for it is a big mistake. You may have to give them an even better room at no extra cost to make up for the inconvenience, and even that may not completely take away the aggravation.
  • Be careful with flexible check-in/check-out times – the purpose of the flexibility is convenience for the guest. However, that convenience is eliminated when it leads to rooms not being ready on time. There is a good reason why hotels have set times for checking in and out.
  • Upsell a better experience –instead of trying to upgrade the experience when a guest arrives, offer a package deal in advance. Skip the flexible check-in time and offer a contactless experience instead. That is what most people want anyway. And make the add-ons local experiences that can be booked along with the room.

Treating Your Hotel Guests to Great Stays

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