How the Virtual World Is Supplanting 2D in the Hospitality Industry

Let’s face it – we all spent a lot more time than we wanted navigating the world online in 2D over the past few years. Now, virtual reality is creating a 3D space for the hospitality industry to impress patrons when they are online. Here are some of the situations where a hospitality business needs to be open to virtual experiences:

  • Pre-stay experiences – allowing guests to tour your hotel virtually is a good way to draw the modern generation in. They’re all about experiences, and it’s much easier to gauge what an experience will be like with an immersive virtual experience. Virtual tours could really help increase bookings.
  • Immersive events – virtual events no longer mean watching a music performance or some other event on a screen with Zoom. Now, virtual events are migrating to immersive experiences using virtual reality devices. From live music to other events, VR can allow patrons to really feel like they are in the action without having to leave home.
  • Virtual storefronts – shopping online may also start to migrate from 2D to 3D. We’re seeing companies experimenting with an immersive experience that feels like entering a store but with the convenience of doing so from home.

Making the Real World Live Up to Virtual Expectations

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