How Digital Invoicing Is Making Corporate Travel Better 1

How Digital Invoicing Is Making Corporate Travel Better

While Corporate travel is starting to return, spending is expected to increase over the next couple of years to finally get back to where it was before the pandemic. So how can your hospitality business prepare for these returning corporate travelers? One of the best ways is to improve your digital payment options:

  • Improve your invoicing options – it’s a hassle for business travelers to have to use a credit card and then go through a reimbursement process. Payments for corporate travel should be seamless. The employee simply logs in through a corporate portal, and the company has an account set up for automatic payments – no credit card or reimbursement required.
  • Focus on your B2B relationships – you should view corporations as clients. They should not have to go through the ordinary traveler processes to book your hotel. Create a dedicated way to manage payments and travel booking, and you’ll see corporations stick exclusively to your hotel.
  • Use corporate data for decision making – you have a lot of data on the corporations that book with your hotel, especially if there is a dedicated portal. Use this information to predict events and bookings. This will allow you to have the right rooms available on the right dates, and it can help you set better prices for your other rooms when corporate travel is at its peak.

Growing Hospitality Businesses in the Wake of the Pandemic

We may never go back to normal, but we are certainly getting back to business. A1 American can have your hotel ready for corporate guests and travelers with our top-quality hotel supplies. Contact us today at 833.205.2200 to get in touch with an A1 American representative who can help get your order started, and don’t forget to check out our Bed Designer to ensure your hotel looks modern for returning business travelers.

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