Hotels Need to Predict Demand and Pivot as Changes Come Fast

While hotel demand isn’t all the way back to pre-pandemic numbers, it is getting there. One of the toughest things can be predicting when you are going to see a spike in demand so that you can fill your rooms but also price them accordingly. If your hotel is situated near an event center, you may be able to use a local schedule of events to your advantage.


One of the steady returns to normalcy in 2022 is that group bookings are much more secure than they were even earlier in the year. While the group may end up slightly smaller than anticipated, fewer and fewer events are canceling at the last minute.


On the other side of matters is scheduling. You need enough staff on hand to keep up with demand when there is a sudden, unexpected influx of guests. While you may have some predictive software helping you make the schedule, there may be times when an event you didn’t know about causes the need for all hands on deck to provide the best service.


The staffing crisis isn’t over yet, so while it can be tough to keep up when demand shifts suddenly, you need to ensure those hotel guests have a great experience. Their positive reviews may just be what brings in the next group booking opportunity.


Preparing Your Hotel for Fluctuating Demand

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