Hotel Bookings – How Guests Pick and Choose Their Stays 1

Hotel Bookings – How Guests Pick and Choose Their Stays

There are many tools available for travelers to research hotel stays. So which ones are guests using so you can focus your acquisition efforts accordingly? Here are some things you need to focus on:

  • Online travel agency searches – most travelers don’t have a specific hotel in mind when they start planning, so rather than going to a specific chain’s website, they are probably going to start with an OTA. That means your hotel needs to come up in the search. Stand out by offering several room options, all with appealing photos.
  • Hotel website searches – once the traveler has a few ideas in mind, they are going to head to the hotel website for more information before booking. That means your official site needs to be easy to find and navigate and should provide the booking and stay details guests are searching for. That means a modern website with professional photos and updated information on how you are handling the pandemic.
  • Third-party reviews – the guest may surf away from your site before making the final decision to read reviews on Google or TripAdvisor.
  • A simple booking process – you also want your site to walk them through the process easily so they can add all the features they want to the stay and pay without a hassle. Design the site’s UX for someone who isn’t great at the Internet or computers in general.

The Help You Need Once You Fill Those Rooms

Knowing what travelers want when searching gets you a booking. Knowing what they want in the hotel will get you those 5-star reviews. A1 American has all of the quality hospitality supplies you need. Plus, we also offer essential care products that are crucial during the ongoing pandemic. Call 833.205.2200 to get in touch with an A1 American expert who can help you get your order started today.

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