Here’s What You Need to Know About Shackle App – The Hottest Trend in Direct Bookings

Shackle is a new travel technology startup that is taking the European hospitality industry by storm. They just finished a seed round that resulted in $5.5 million in fresh funding to continue growing their influence. What does it do? Can it help your hotel to get more direct bookings?

Shackle basically modernizes how travelers find and book rooms directly with your hotel. Is it really direct if the traveler is going through a third-party app? Shackle actually connects to a hotel’s existing backend. So really, all the app is doing is dictating the user experience. Instead of going to your hotel website and clicking “Book Now” to get a room at your hotel, consumers use the Shackle app. The booking still happens directly with your hotel.

What are the big advantages? For consumers, one profile lets them book at multiple hotels. They don’t have to complete a profile for each hotel and then a new username and password. The app does act like an OTA in that it uses profiles to order the responses to the guest’s query. Then the guest can book directly with your hotel, which benefits your hotel.

The tech company does intend to add a booking engine in the future, and they are currently onboarding more partners.

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