Here Are the 5 Common Mistakes You’re Making With Your Hospitality Instagram Account 1

Here Are the 5 Common Mistakes You’re Making With Your Hospitality Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the essential social media platforms to utilize to great benefit within the Hospitality industry. However, many businesses get it wrong which can do more harm than good for your brand. Here are some of the most common mistakes that hospitality companies make on IG:

  • Poor Quality Posts – when you do a photoshoot, take as many pictures as possible. Go through and save the best ones for posting. Better yet, hire a professional photographer, so you can be reassured that you will get some great content out of your shoot.
  • Not Posting Enough (Or Too Much) – for most businesses, posting daily is a good way to provide engagement without getting your followers upset about you hijacking their feed. Of course, you need to learn your base of followers and who they are. Some businesses will have to post a little more often and others a little less to stay current.
  • Posting the Same Thing Repeatedly – try not to duplicate posts. An occasional repost due to a cross-promotion is fine, but otherwise, your content should always be fresh.
  • Don’t Be All Business – people are on social media for fun. Host contests. Post things that are humorous. Don’t take your social media so seriously that it pulls people out of the experience.
  • Don’t Pay for Followers – you want genuine engagement, which can be noticed anywhere. Sometimes, more is just more.

Develop an Instagram-Worthy Hospitality Business

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