Here Are 3 Tactics to Keep Your Social Media Followers on Your Website 1

Here Are 3 Tactics to Keep Your Social Media Followers on Your Website

Social media provides you with unique opportunities to engage consumers and drive vital traffic to your website. You may even be able to score connections with influencers and brand advocates that result in massive inflows of new customers and interested parties. Here are three ways to hold the attention of your social media followers when they reach your site:

  • Deliver the content they want – your social media post may have a catchy tagline to get a consumer to click and head to your site. However, at that point, you need to provide engaging content that satisfies the interest piqued through the social post. If your followers have to click through a ton of links to get to your content or just don’t feel like the content delivers on the promise of your social post, they will be unlikely to follow your links again.
  • Content at a glance – people are busy, and they want to get back to their social accounts to see what is going on with their friends. They clicked your link to give your site a chance, so make it very easy to scan the content on the page. Use bullet points and clear calls to action.
  • Track analytics – by tracking engagement analytics from your social media, you can see what posts, hashtags, and links are getting the most attention. Then use that information to enhance and improve on all your future campaigns.

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