Get Your Hotels Ready to Open

Get Your Hotels Ready to Open

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on businesses all around the world. However, many states in the US are easing restrictions that were imposed amid the pandemic outbreak. The governors of these states have provided guidelines to different sectors on how to reopen their businesses safely. Many hotels and motels are reopening in the USA. But is your hotel ready to reopen? Have you taken all the precautionary measures?

If not, then we are here to help you to get your hotel ready to reopen. We’ll tell you everything you need to do to reopen your hotel safely.

Let’s get you prepared to welcome your guests in a way that they will feel safe and satisfied.


People are wary of staying in hotels and motels at present. They are afraid that hotels might not have enough sanitation. There is always a looming risk of getting COVID-19. Hence, you should ensure that your hotel reopens safely and adequately. By doing that, you will not only gain the trust of your potential guests, but it will also make your hotel stand out among other hotels. So, you can market your clean and safe hotel environment and pave your way to success.


It is essential to ensure a clean environment for your guests as well as your frontline workers. Here are some safety measures to keep in mind for reopening your hotel safely:


Your frontline workers are your hotel’s assets, and their health and safety should be your top priority. You will need to provide them with masks, hand sanitizers, protective scrub alternatives, and PPE kits


Keep your guests safe from COVID-19. You will need to provide them with hand sanitizers and wipes during the check-in process. If the guests are not taking precautionary measures, it is your responsibility to inform them about the importance of taking the safety measures.


Keep your hotels clean and free of germs by ensuring that your hotel is properly sanitized. Clean the hotel rooms regularly. Use anti-microbial products for cleaning the hotel. Disinfect the furniture, decorative items, doorknobs, and every other item present in your hotel. 


Unclean bedding and towels are the breeding grounds for germs. Make sure that the towels and linen in the hotel’s rooms are clean. You will need to invest in new microfiber towels, mattress encasements, underpads, blankets, and terry.


You should ensure social distancing by reducing the maximum capacities in waiting areas. While in queues, inform your guests to stand at a safe distance from each other. Take measures to stop overcrowding in different places in the hotel.


Temperature checks should be made mandatory for everyone. Either it’s your hotel staff or guests check their temperature regularly. In case someone has a fever, refer them to medical care.


Below you will find checklists for various departments around your hotel to get them prepared for reopening.

Human Resources

  • Train staff with the new cleaning and operational measures
  • Look to stagger the return of your employees to avoid mass 
  • Implement regular review meetings to ensure staff are aware of procedures and the importance of sanitization
  • Ensure any staff showing symptoms are sent to the health authorities
  • Schedule temperature checks for staff on a regular basis

Front Desk/Concierge


  • Social distancing is essential. Ensure there’s enough space between tables. 
  • Reduce maximum capacities to ensure social distancing in waiting areas
  • Consider the use of disposable menus
  • Avoid a buffet-style service
  • Add  hand sanitizer stations throughout the restaurant and on each table
  • Disinfect every table as often as possible. 
  • Provide protective equipment to employees and customers

Amenities (Spas, Fitness Centers, Pools, Golf, Retail, Conference Rooms)

  • Reduce maximum capacities in accordance with state/local regulations.
  • Add hand sanitizer stations throughout all your hotel’s facilities
  • Provide protective equipment
  • Disinfect surface areas



  • Update your website and other guest communications with the up-to-date info regarding your well-being plan and any other services you have modified on your property
  • Place messages regarding guest safety around your property
  • Let your guests that you are now accepting bookings


Here at A1 American, we provide the hospitality industry with high-quality textiles, cleaning materials, and essential care products.

To help you, we’ve put together a key list of products you should consider purchasing for reopening:


Be sure to keep your staff safe by providing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), such as face masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves. Order PPE equipment for your staff in advance to be fully prepared. 

These are some general suggestions that should be kept in mind while reopening the facility. But every hotel/motel should check the guidelines provided by the government to align their safety measures with that of experts.

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