Get Your Guests Ready for Summer 2021 at Your Hotel 1

Get Your Guests Ready for Summer 2021 at Your Hotel

Summer 2021 is almost here and Americans are ready to start traveling again. We’re sure you would love to have guests spend the entire summer and keep those rooms nice and full. That’s why we’ve curated this list of tips to help you incentivize longer hotel stays:

  • Focus Local – one of the big trends for this summer is to vacation closer to home, so don’t be afraid to market your hotel locally, even if you are used to advertising nationally.
  • Keep Cancellations Straightforward – people are still worried. What if they get sick and can’t travel? What if there is an outbreak in the area they intend to travel to? Transparent cancellation policies will make it easier for guests to trust your hotel.
  • Pamper Your Guests – it goes without saying that it has been a rough year and few months for everyone. The more you make your guests feel like they are on vacation, the more likely they are to extend their stay or travel again soon. Curating great experiences for your guests will also lead to lengthier stays.
  • Keep It Spotless – cleanliness is one of the things at the forefront of travelers’ minds. A door safety seal is a great way to let guests know they are the first person in the room since your cleaning crew properly sanitized it.

Give Your Guests Luxury and Peace of Mind This Summer

A1 American is happy to help hotels across the nation welcome back guests this summer. Check out our wide array of hospitality supplies as well as essential care products, so you can swaddle your guests in luxury and help keep them safe at the same time.

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