Get More Engagement on Social Media with These Tactics 1

Get More Engagement on Social Media with These Tactics

Social media is an essential part of your hospitality brand’s online presence. However, you want to do more than just set up the accounts and post sponsored content. Engagement is essential. When we say engagement, we are talking about the number of interactions with your content. This can include things like likes, shares, and comments. How can you create content that causes social media users to engage? Here are a few tips.

  • Poll the audience – Ask a question that people can comment on or set up a poll for them to respond to. After a poll, post the results.
  • Ask for engagement – Engagement is sometimes as simple as a call to action. Ask your followers to click like or share your content.
  • Set up a contest – Require your followers to take certain engagement actions in order to enter the contest. People are willing to jump through hoops for a chance at free stuff, so have them like, repost, and even tag friends in the comments.
  • Use the right hashtags – This may even get you some engagement from accounts that are not already following you.
  • Post quality content – The better your content is, the more likely people will be to interact with it.

Get Your Hotel Ready for Its Close-Up

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