Essential Tips for Handling Negative Hotel Reviews 1

Essential Tips for Handling Negative Hotel Reviews

Positive online reviews can help consumers decide that they want to spend time at your hotel. However, there are always going to be those customers who are impossible to please. So how should you handle the negative reviews? Here are a few tips.

  • Plan ahead – negative reviews are going to happen. It’s inevitable. Since you can’t stop them, you need to have a good plan for responding to them.
  • Don’t delete negative reviews – the Internet always seems to remember. Someone is going to have a screenshot and will call your hotel out for removing reviews. Instead, think of negative reviews as an opportunity to show your customer service skills to the public.
  • Always respond politely – if you assure the traveler that their poor experience is an anomaly and that you want to make it right, that may be all it takes to keep a customer. Plus, others may see your response and grow more confident that should their experience be subpar; your hotel will be willing to work with them.
  • Use the person’s name if they provide it – your personalized message is immediately disarming and shows that your response is not just a canned, “We’re sorry you didn’t enjoy your stay.” Make your response more personally tailored to the person who wrote it- addressing them as you address the issue makes it a more favorable conversation. 
  • Offer to follow up – provide a customer service email address or some other way for the person to contact you in order to correct the issue. This shows other disgruntled patrons the right way to handle the matter, rather than airing the grievance in public.

Provide Your Guests with the Best Experience

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