Essential Holidays for Educators to Use as a Catalyst for Learning 1

Essential Holidays for Educators to Use as a Catalyst for Learning

Educators are always trying to teach valuable lessons, even when it boils down to the origins of a holiday. What are the essential holidays for educators to focus on, in order to better implement teaching strategies focused around important lessons for students? Here are a few to consider:

  • Religious Observances – not all religious observances are celebrated universally. While the kids may get a day off for certain holidays and not for others, try to be inclusive. If a student does not celebrate a particular holiday, provide them with an alternate project and use it as an opportunity to help other students be accepting of those in the class who believe differently. Keep the emphasis on learning in the classroom environment, rather than only celebrating.
  • National Holidays – national holidays can be a good opportunity to teach kids about important events in the nation’s history. For example, while most kids learn to associate Thanksgiving Day with turkeys and pilgrims, the truth is that Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving to be a national holiday to celebrate the victory of the Union Army at Gettysburg.
  • Cultural Holidays – every culture has its own holidays, and these can be used to teach students about minorities, including “indigenous people”, and can be used to structure an encompassing lesson plan on diversity as well.
  • Environmental Holidays – holidays like Earth Day and Arbor Day are more essential than ever before due to the climate crisis. Use these and other environmental holidays to help children learn what is being done to protect the earth and how they can pitch in to do their part as well.

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