Did the Pandemic Stir Up Competition Between the Hotel Industry and Airbnb 1

Did the Pandemic Stir Up Competition Between the Hotel Industry and Airbnb? Here’s What You Need to Know

When Airbnb first arrived on the scene, it really got the jump on hotels, offering a similar concept but from a unique angle. The hotel industry didn’t have time to adjust and was struggling to hold ground against the new upstart. Was the pandemic just what hoteliers needed to reset and level the playing field?

What Hotels Learned from Airbnb

Hotels that used the travel downturn to evaluate why Airbnb has been so successful are now in a much better position to compete moving forward. Here are a few things that smart hoteliers learned:

  • Local experiences matter – a better guide to local shops and restaurants. A focus on packages that include local experiences. A gift shop that highlights local businesses. Hotels that learned from Airbnb are helping travelers enjoy a unique local stay rather than a standard hotel experience.
  • Amenity options – guests love sorting vacation rentals by the number of rooms, beds, bathrooms, and other top amenities. Hotels need to give guests more control over the experience by offering upgraded options like high-speed Wi-Fi, choice of pillow, floor preference, view, or other searchable amenities and add-ons.
  • Housekeeping gets an upgrade – if there is one thing the pandemic has brought front and center, it is the standard for cleanliness. You want your housekeeping team to be highly visible. Door seals that show the guest is the next person to enter the room after the housekeeper are a great confidence booster.

Welcome Guests Back to Your Hotel or Vacation Rental

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