Create a Website to Connect with Guest Emotions Before Booking 1

Create a Website to Connect with Guest Emotions Before Booking

A guest’s first experience with your hotel is likely to occur on the Internet. How can you create an emotional connection that hooks the traveler and results in a booking? Here are some tips.

  • Have a story for your brand – People love stories. You want your brand’s story to be honest, reflect your core values, and help people know what to expect from the hotel experience.
  • Appeal to emotions – People often make decisions, even financial ones, with their emotions rather than with logic. So appeal to the feelings of site visitors. Remind them that they deserve a vacation and that your hotel or vacation rental will offer the relaxing (or thrilling, depending on your target audience) experience they want. Let them know this is a great place for a trip that will create memories with their loved ones.
  • Make use of limited-time offers – Don’t let someone just browse your site and then close it and forget about your hotel. Encourage a quick decision by offering a discount that is good for a limited time – not days, but hours.  
  • Keep the site intuitive – If your site is easy to use, it won’t distract from the good feelings created by quality imagery and content.

Creating a Great Experience for Travelers

The great experience needs to begin on your website, but it should continue at your hotel or vacation rental. A1 American can help with top-quality supplies for the hospitality industry. Give us a call today at 833.205.2200 to learn more or to start your order.

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