Automation: How It Can Directly and Positively Impact Guest Bookings

When a guest reaches the point where they are ready to book a stay, we all know the main thing that determines whether they complete the transaction is the price of the room. Yes, they likely chose your hotel due to location, amenities, and availability on their travel dates. However, if the price isn’t right, you could end up with that booking getting left in the cart.

So what’s a quick way to increase the likelihood of getting that booking while also ensuring that you fill up some of your pricier rooms first?

Why not automate the upgrade process? A room upgrade increases value in the mind of the consumer. While they may not expect to upgrade their room due to the price being too high, what if you surprise them and offer the upgrade at a reasonable price? Could that increase bookings and help you to fill in the pricier rooms first (albeit at a slightly lower rate)? You might be shocked to find TripAdvisor filled with 5-star reviews from satisfied guests who received an email offering them an upgrade at a reasonable rate. On the other hand, you may choose to wait and see which rooms start to book up first. If lower price rooms are booking faster than the upgrades, then you can send an email blast to guests who have already booked and offer them the discounted upgrade price.

The Right Hotel Supplies Also Make an Impact on Guest Satisfaction

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