According to Google, These 3 Trends Will Greatly Impact Travel 1

According to Google, These 3 Trends Will Greatly Impact Travel

Travelers are starting to return, but things are not the same as they were before the pandemic. Understanding why people are returning to travel will help you to secure the bookings you need. Here are the top three travel trends that Google uncovered and what they mean for the next page in the industry:

  • Life moments – during the pandemic, everything was on hold. Now, life movements are becoming a primary reason for the return to travel. Weddings that were delayed from 2020 and even earlier this year are now scheduled for 2022. According to the survey, 78% of people are planning travel for a life movement in the next two years. What are they looking for in accommodations? Affordable prices, flexible cancellation, and pandemic safety guidelines are some of the top requests.
  • Cultural engagement – travelers roam the globe in search of cultural and ethnic experiences connected to their own past and that of others. In fact, 86% of international travelers have noted this as the reason for at least one international trip. Make sure you can connect travelers to local culture and experiences.
  • Sustainable travel – more than half of travelers are searching for sustainable or environmentally friendly options. If your hotel is meeting or striving for any sustainability goals, advertise these to consumers. 

The Help You Need to Meet Travel Trends 

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