6 Reasons Employee Referrals Don’t Work for Your Hotel 1

6 Reasons Employee Referrals Don’t Work for Your Hotel

Are you trying to find more employees for your hospitality business during the ongoing shortage? Your existing employees can help. However, many businesses find little success using this method to seek out good employees. What is the issue? Here are six reasons employee referrals may not be working out at your hotel:

  1. The hotel employees don’t know you want them to refer new hires, or they don’t know how to do it.
  2. Employees don’t know what job positions are currently available at the hotel.
  3. The procedure is so complicated that employees have decided it is not worth referring anyone.
  4. There are few or no incentives to referring new employees – you should be offering some kind of bonus for new hires that say on for a certain amount of time.
  5. A long interview process causes employee referrals to give up.
  6. It can’t be the only way your hotel is looking for new staff members, or you will never fill all the open positions. Your employees may simply not know that many people who are looking for work (especially those who would be interested in working at a hotel).

Finding Employees Is Just One Part of the Battle

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