4 Benefits of Outsourcing for Your Laundry & Linens 1

4 Benefits of Outsourcing for Your Laundry & Linens

From restaurants to hotels to vacation rentals, the hospitality industry requires a lot of linens. Regardless of where your business falls in the hospitality spectrum, you can benefit from outsourcing your laundry and linens to a service that specializes in these things. Here are a few of the benefits to outsourcing your laundry and linens:

  • Keep staff on task – you don’t want to hire on extra staff just to handle this mundane task and you certainly don’t want staff with other responsibilities to be distracted by washing, drying and ironing.
  • Space-saving – laundry can take up space in your facility that could easily be turned into more usable space that helps increase revenue. Don’t waste valuable real estate on a commercial laundry room when there are plenty of affordable services that can do this for you.
  • Inventory – rather than having to worry about the inventory needed and the maintenance of the laundry machines, outsourcing this process reduces the number of internal procedures required. It helps reduce the workload when it comes to purchasing, inventory, maintenance, storage and the like.
  • Quality service – a laundry service should know how to take care of every type of linen that you use in the right way. Your in-house staff might make the mistake of using fabric softener on your microfiber supplies. A professional laundry service should know better (and should compensate you for such an expensive error).

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