3 Steps to Optimize the Performance of Your Hotel’s Website

You want your hotel website to perform well in order to ensure that your guests have a great experience from their first contact with your brand. A good website UX can also lead to more direct bookings. Here are three steps you can take to start enhancing your website’s performance today.

  • Step 1: Improve your SEO – The first step to an optimized website is making sure people see it. Keep in mind, this means more than just using the right keywords in your content. You need to use those keywords in the correct places and have those keywords embedded into the website itself. Don’t forget the power of link building to boost your site’s reputation.
  • Step 2: Make navigation intuitive – It only takes a few seconds of, “Umm, what do I do now?” to drive a website visitor and potential booking away from your site. The website should be simple and intuitive to navigate, even for a first-time site visitor. It also needs to respond properly on any size screen because more people than ever are shopping for travel from their mobile devices.
  • Step 3: Optimize landing pages – This is particularly essential if you are going to be using pay-per-click ads (and you will be). Keep the page clean and use whitespace and copy space well to draw the visitor’s eye toward your CTAs.  Create a sense of urgency. This can often be accomplished by offering a discount that’s for a “limited time only.”

Optimize Your Hotel Guestrooms’ Performance

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