The Best Facebook SEO Tips for Your Hospitality Business

Facebook will play an important role in your hospitality company’s social media marketing. Besides paid ads, you also want your Facebook page to perform well when it comes to search engine rankings. Here are some of the best practices for better Facebook SEO results.

  • Get a branded Facebook page – If you can match the title of your Facebook page to your company, that’s ideal. However, even if it is not possible, get as close as you can for SEO purposes.
  • Fill out all of your brand’s information – You want the profile to be as close to 100% complete as you can get it so that search engines will be able to match the data they have on your business.
  • Backlink to your Facebook page – Link to your Facebook page from your website, blog posts, and social media accounts. The more traffic your drive to the site yourself, the more search engines will see how popular the site is and will send more traffic organically.
  • Optimize your keywords – Choosing the right keywords and using them correctly on your posts and throughout your Facebook site will help search engines to be able to identify specific content on your account that is relevant to search engine users.

You Find the Travelers; We’ll Make Their Stay Comfortable

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