These Are 3 Big Ways Hotels Are Drawing Travelers Back

Travel is back in full swing! So why are some hotels filling up faster than others? Here are some of the most successful tactics that hotels are using to entice travelers to choose their establishment for their next trip:

  • Creating remote worker-friendly spaces – more people than ever are working remotely. It leads to more opportunities for travel but also more needs when it comes to accommodations. If you want travelers to choose your hotel rather than a vacation rental, you need to make the stay convenient for remote work. That means ensuring that the room has a nice desk, convenient charging stations, fast (and free) WiFi, and a little privacy. If you can screen off the work area so a parent can work while their children are in another part of the hotel room, that can make a business meeting easier. Don’t forget to have the desk away from the wall, so there is a good background for Zoom meetings.
  • Offer deals for longer stays – vacation rentals often offer deals if a traveler stays for the full week. If someone is traveling with their work, they may be willing to stay longer, especially if it results in a good deal.
  • Offer upgraded packages – after the pandemic, everyone wants to be pampered a little. Again, vacation rentals often have an advantage by pairing rooms with local experiences. You can compete by offering packages that include your spa, restaurant, or even local experiences.

Offer Comfort and Peace of Mind to Your Returning Guests

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