Reduce Your Facility Costs Through Intelligent Linen Management 1

Reduce Your Facility Costs Through Intelligent Linen Management

Healthcare facility administration grows more complicated by the year, especially because of rising overhead costs. One way your hospital may be able to save some money in the long run is by using the right linens and making them last as long as possible. Here are a few tips for effective linen management at a hospital:

  • Educate staff to view linens as a commodity – if you present it as a way to reduce waste rather than just a money issue, your staff is more likely to treat linens with care.
  • Purchase the right linens – cheap linens offer low immediate overhead, but then you have to replace them far more often, which can lead to an even costlier outlook. You may find that by taking good care of quality linens, you will both, save money and provide patients with an overall better experience (cheap linens aren’t fun to sleep on either).
  • Hire the right linens service – when your linens are cared for properly, they last much longer. Any additional costs in care reduce waste and may save your facility money in the long run.

Source Your Linens The Right Way

You need to start by sourcing your linens from a provider who cares. A1 American has been producing supplies for US companies since 1911. One of the product lines that we develop with hospitals in mind is linens. From bedsheets and patient gowns to masks and other PPE, we provide all of the necessary linens for your medical facility. Call 833.205.2200 today to get in touch with a friendly representative who will help get your order started.

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