Pool Safety Tips - Here’s What You Can Do to Keep Guests Safe 1

Pool Safety Tips: Here’s What You Can Do to Keep Guests Safe

Hotel guests tend to love having the option of a pool to add to their visit. However, with this, there are many things to consider. For example, young children could be injured or even killed if they play in the pool area without proper supervision. Even adults are sometimes tempted to dive into water before checking if it is deep enough. Here are a few pointers to help keep your guests safe while visiting their local hotel pool:

  • Fence it in – fencing in an outdoor pool is your first line of protection. A valid keycard (or another entry system) should ensure that only hotel guests can enter the pool areas (this works for indoor pool areas as well). Make sure parents know that they must accompany their children.
  • Use proper signage – mark the shallow end of the pool with a no-diving sign. You also want the signage to discourage running, helping ensure that children are properly supervised and can announce the number of people allowed in the pool area at one time.
  • Limit occupancy – especially now, in a critical time of recovery and precaution, you can’t have guests too close to one another. Limiting the use of the pool may involve asking guests to reserve a certain time period to use the pool area. This can help maintain the traffic. Be sure to provide the options of having hand sanitizing stations at convenient locations as well!

Get the Supplies Your Hotel Needs to Keep Guests Safe

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