How to Wash Your Microfiber Cloths to Get the Best Use from Them 1

How to Wash Your Microfiber Cloths to Get the Best Use from Them

The type of microfiber cloths that you purchase for cleaning matters. Just as important is the way you clean your microfiber towels. If you want to get the best use of this powerful cleaning tool, we have a few tips below  to share with your business:

  • Microfiber should never be heated in the dryer – a major benefit of microfiber is that it dries quickly anyway. As a result, you can use still use an electric dryer, just on a fluff or airdry setting that uses no heat. They should dry in no time and will save you some electricity costs in the process.
  • Don’t use fabric softener on microfiber towels – a large part of the benefit of microfiber towels is that they have about four times the surface area of a cotton towel that is the same size. This is because of the open spaces created by the microfibers. Fabric softener clogs these spaces and turn your nice microfiber towels into ordinary towels.

Keep in mind also that it is always best to wash and dry microfiber separate from other materials. The positive charge of the microfiber can attract lint from other materials (especially cotton) and keep them from getting completely clean.

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