Hoteliers Find That These Amenities Will Really Impress Your Guests 1

Hoteliers Find That These Amenities Will Really Impress Your Guests

There are many factors that determine the hotel a traveler decides book. Some reasons may include pricing, location and conveniences. So what are some of the free amenities that can attract guests to your hotel without breaking the bank? Here are some of the amenities that will really impress your guests:

  • Complimentary Toiletries – travel-size toiletries get a bad rap because of the single-use plastic bottles. However, there simply isn’t a better way to give your guests complimentary amenities at this time.
  • Complimentary Slippers and Bathrobes – these are considered luxury items. If you provide them in a hotel that is not considered a luxury property, you immediately make the guests feel important.
  • Free parking – the number one issue for travelers in many cities is finding a suitable place to park their vehicle. Offering complimentary parking is a quick way to increase value for your guests.
  • Free Wi-Fi – most especially during the pandemic, we have come to see Wi-Fi as a necessity. Making your guests pay extra is now frowned upon. It’s like charging them extra for the bathroom.
  • Upgraded coffee – if you can’t find a local roaster, at least step up the quality of the brand of coffee that you offer to guests for both, the in-room service and at the hotel restaurant.
  • Exclusive packages – if your hotel has exclusive deals with local experiences, this is sure to stand out to your guests.

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