Here Are Some Room Supplies & Amenities Guest Look for When Selecting a Room 1

Here Are Some Room Supplies & Amenities Guest Look for When Selecting a Room

What do your guests want when choosing a room? There are some features that travelers have always appreciated and others that the pandemic has made a necessity. Here are some things to promote so your guests know they will be comfortable:

  • Contactless check-in – this is one of the places where vacation rentals got ahead of the game and hotels need to catch up. Using a smartphone to open a room door is much more sanitary than requiring a plastic card that has been touched by other guests.
  • Smart rooms – guests also want to be able to operate the thermostat, use the TV, and order room service without having to touch a device on the wall, a remote control, or the room’s landline.
  • Amenity products – small plastic bottles are a simple solution for guests who are just spending a night or two, but some guests may have concerns about the impact on the environment. On the other hand, you can have refillable dispensers in the room. Guests will just have to trust they have been properly refilled and sanitized since the last guest before them. So you just have to determine what is going to be more important to your guests.
  • A PPE welcome kit – a couple of disposable masks, a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer, and some alcohol wipes show you care about health and safety of your guests.

Get the Hotel Supplies and Amenities You Need to Keep Guests Happy

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