Many airlines are experiencing the effects of the pandemic in a new way. Travelers are returning faster than they can hire and train crew members. As a result, American Airlines is cutting back 1% of their flights, failing to meet the rising demand but not wanting to be saddled with dozens of flight cancellations due to being understaffed.

Of course, this is an issue that is facing most major airlines in the US right now. However, American Airlines is particularly in the spotlight because they experienced labor issues and lots of canceled flights back in the summer of 2019 before the pandemic was something we could even conceive was just about to happen.

The biggest impact is now coming with Spirit Airlines having to cancel over 1,700 hundred flights in the first six days of August. What do all of these canceled flights mean for your hospitality business?

Even though travelers seem to want to get back to normal, it’s not going to happen as fast as we would like. You need to keep your bookings flexible, so if travelers have a canceled flight, they aren’t saddled with a hotel bill on top of the disappointment. In fact, travelers may not book with your hotel or spa if they think it will be difficult or costly to cancel at the last minute.

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