3 Benefits of Reusable Facemasks 1

3 Benefits of Reusable Facemasks

Whether it is for your staff or part of a welcome kit for your guests, it makes sense that many disposable masks are being used and discarded each day, even post pandemic. However, there is an argument to be made for replacing as many of your disposable masks as possible with reusable masks. Here are three good reasons that people should consider when evaluating reusable face masks:

  1. They help to protect the wearer – reusable masks may be made from multiple layers of material or have a place to insert a removable filter. After use, the mask can easily be washed with antibacterial soap and hung to dry. Having a few masks to rotate throughout the day/week helps.
  2. They help to protect others – when you can’t be six feet apart and social distance, or if you have to be indoors with someone who is not from your household, a face mask reduces the spread of the disease. You can be sick and spreading COVID-19 for at least two days before symptoms begin (and up to 10 days after testing positive, even if you are asymptomatic), so wearing a mask in these situations is a must, even if you have no symptoms.
  3. They are better for the planet – eeusable face coverings help to reduce waste. By washing and reusing a suitable face covering, you protect yourself and others without placing a burden on the planet. Be sure to wash your mask after each use and hang it to dry rather than wasting energy putting it in the dryer. This will also extend the life and durability of the mask.

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